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Carlos A. Navarrete-Patino

"I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie since 2016 as a voice actor and voice director. 

Stephanie has a strong work ethic and is very professional.  She always arrives on time with a smile and ready to work. Her positivity and ability to collaborate makes for a smooth recording session and happy client.

As a voice actor, Stephanie is perfectly fluent. This was an immense asset when she was the English and French voice for Pampers in Canada. Stephanie’s versatility has allowed her to voice a range of brands from fun & playful to sensual & refined. She always delivers on direction and provides great options.

When sitting in the director’s seat, Stephanie confidently takes control of the room. She skillfully conveys direction from the team/client and extracts the desired performance from the voice talent. I have seen her calmness and understanding of the business quickly smooth out an almost tense situation.  Stephanie has and always will be a trusted, go to colleague."

-Marisa De Bartolo
Producer, Saatchi & Saatchi


"It all starts when one has to go through dozens of demo tapes; however, there is always one that stands out. Not only because the voice is impeccable with perfect tone, pitch, sophisticated, clear diction, perfectly bilingual;  but because the artist went far beyond what was expected. Not only delivering a wide range of talent, but also a meticulous attention to detail and research—and this was only the demo. Yes, this is how I was grateful to invite Stephanie Broschart to become the voice of the Canadian Screen Awards-- because her bilingual audition stood out and she came with years of experience. I was further impressed once at the studio, when she was not only ready to go in a matter of seconds, but she had arrived prepared, done the research, asked the right questions and believe me, pronouncing thousands of nominees and production titles for the Canadian Screen Awards is not an easy task. She tackled the titanic endeavour with focus, ease & versatility—even better that she invited star guests! 


Stephanie is for sure at the top of her game, perfectly bilingual with an International French that easily and conveniently appeals to the markets of North America, Europe, and beyond. Her dedication in delivering our important nominee’s names proved that she came prepared, had studied the phonetic pronunciation of every single name so they rolled off her tongue. As the shows evolved, we just needed to bring her back for more recording sessions to compliment the show in many other ways. She is a delight to work with, positive, collaborative, and focused--something you are grateful for especially when you are doing this remotely and online."

- Carlos A. Navarrete-Patiño

Creative Producer | Canadian Screen Awards 2021

"I have worked with Stephanie for over 20 years from when she was just starting her voice-over career. Even from the first time, we worked together I was impressed with her performance, her attention to detail and ability to take direction as well as her general professionalism. Since then I have had the pleasure of working with her on many other projects, mostly as French Voice talent but also as an English voice talent and occasionally in a director's capacity. She’s incredibly versatile and perfectly fluent in both French and English which makes her a very sought-after talent. Her voice spans a wide range: from fun energy to sultry sophistication and anything in between. I highly recommend Stephanie without any hesitation."


- Gabe Lee

Recording Engineer | Extreme Reach

"Stephanie is easy to work with, communicative, flexible, and most importantly, delivers excellent voice direction both from a performance and technical perspective. She is a true pro. I recommend her without hesitation and I'm looking forward to working with her in the future."


- Wolfgang Webb

Producer, Director | PharmaOneMedia


"I have known and worked with Stephanie for over 20 years. She's as comfortable behind the mic as she is directing a VO session. I’ve recorded Stephanie in both English and French and have always found her to be professional, prepared, and full of enthusiasm for whatever project we’re working on. I look forward to working with her for many years to come."


- John “Wheels” Hurlbut
Recording Engineer Since 1988



"Stephanie's voice reminds me of a glistening lake -sparkling, clear, fresh, smooth, inviting. Always makes me feel reassured, like "she's got this", in a warmly authoritative way. She also has an outrageous side, able to create hilarious characters with excellent comedic timing and wit. Stephanie, the person, bubbles! She has a gorgeously upbeat presence, she can lift anyone, even the grumpiest of souls, wayyyy up into her contagiously joyous atmosphere."


- Wendy Lands

Professional Voice Artist & Singer



"As a director and writer, I have had many fortunate opportunities to work with Stephanie Broschart. Put simply, Stephanie is an outstanding talent. In dramatic and comedic roles, she is a fearless talent, fully devoted to bringing the best out of any role. She is imaginative, unafraid to take risks… and I could always count on her to seamlessly weave my directing notes into her performance. Her sense of timing is impeccable… much of our work together involved scenes with no editing and I could always count on her to deliver a tight, compelling performance. As a host, she has an extraordinary, rare talent for being real, present, in the moment, and fully relatable on camera. She has that rare ability to see through the lens, straight to the audience, and speak directly to them. I have great memories – and a great reel – from having worked with Stephanie Broschart. I fully endorse her as an actor, and as an on-camera host."


-Steve Diguer

Video Director, Writer


"Stéphanie is one of those rare voice directors who shows up with meticulous preparation and understanding of the script in hand as well as a collaborative spirit that seeks to inspire confidence and respects the voice of the artist she is working with.  Sessions are always fun and relaxed yet remain focused on providing the very best outcome possible, primarily achieved thanks to her ever thoughtful feedback. Constantly striving to improve her own skills, she effortlessly inspires performers to exceed expectations.   Hire without pause!"


- Anne Beaudry

Bilingual Voice Over Artist & Communications Coach


In my past position as producer/writer for the W Network, I had the pleasure of directing Stephanie during numerous voiceover sessions. Aside from the enormous amount of natural talent she possesses when it comes to her oratory ability and control, she's a very pleasant, funny and cool person to work with! She's always on time with a smile and ready to tackle multiple projects of varying creative direction - and isn't afraid to experiment and offer up some original creative ideas of her own!


- Gary Heather

Producer at Olive & Thistle Productions



Stéphanie is charismatic, professional, 'on-the-ball', and has the knack of making everyone in a sound booth laugh to stitches 2 seconds before she needs to pull it all together for a dramatic hit voice-over! Stéphanie is in a class of her own -huge range, consistently accurate on multiple brands, punctual and always prepared to deliver it all, in French or English! I would highly recommend Stéphanie to anyone looking for someone with an energetic or smooth delivery!


- Maxine Kuzminski

Digital Content Editor (French services) at CBC/Radio-Canada



Stephanie is a great voice actress, very flexible and is one of my faves on my sound palette. And FUN to work with!


- Roger St-Denis

St-Denis Music

Gabe Lee
Wolfgang Webb
John "Wheels" Hurlbut
Wendy Lands
Steve Diguer
Anne Beaudry
Gary Heather
Maxine Kuzminski
Roger St. Denis
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